Network Engineering

Get advanced practical networking skills.


Course Description

The backbone of every computing system there is a network infrastructure. In this course you will learn advanced techniques in planning, inspecting, setting up, implementing, configuring, testing and deploying a network systems. This course is purely practical, to give you the skills to be able create your own Local Area Network and beyond. This course is in connection to CISCO Networking.


You should at least have basic computer networking skills and know your way around Windows Operating System.

Course Objectives

After successful completion of this course the student should:

– Understand how to plan before deploying a network topology

– Understand how to survey and inspect

– Understand how to practically create network cables and understand how Network Switches work

– Understand how to configure Network Routers and have a thorough knowledge on IP Addressing

– Understand how Servers and Client computers work and communicate

– Understand how to test and finally deploy and network system

Levels: Beginner & Advanced

Duration: 2 Months per level

Course Fee: D6,500 per level

Application Program: Windows OS, Linux OS

Lecture Methods:

Physical class & E-Learning

Instructor: Mr Lalo Saifullah Kanteh

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a private training hub NOT an institution. It is not under the National Accreditation & Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA), but the trainer is a licensed tutor by NAQAA. You may receive a certificate that will only be signed by the trainer. You can know more about the trainer’s work and qualifications via his website: